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Ornament Hat Adjustment

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Caleb Craig in over-sized ornament hat from Target

Clearly the ornament hat from Target is too large for Caleb Craig and other Ken-size dolls. Determined for Caleb to wear it, I made a few minor adjustments to give it a better wearing appearance as illustrated next:

The ear muffs have been pulled up and held in place with two yellow-topped quilting pins.

The views from the side and back are shown...

Christmas Sweater Ornaments From Target

Sweater, shirt, and hat ornaments from Target
This year Target is offering the above sweater, shirt, and hat ornaments for $3 each.  These were the only styles the Target nearest me had, but I have seen photos of other styles as well.

The hangers can be used as hangers for Barbie-size clothing or refashioned into jewelry. The gold and silvertone hangers are made of soft wire. The black hanger is...

Selma DuPar James, Already Sold Out?

Screen capture of Selma DuPar James, the third doll in The Harlem Theater Collection by Mattel

The third doll in the The Harlem Theater Collection, Selma DuPar James, after a long wait for production dolls to arrive, has entered the collections of those who preordered andthe doll (as of this writing) is already sold out at TheBarbieCollection website. (Just this past Friday, order status there was...

2017 "Little Red" Christmas Doll

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Tags felt doll, Karen Oyekanmi, Kissing Kousin Dolls

Back in June of this year, Karen Oyekanmi (Kissing Kousin Dolls) was commission to create a doll based on my specifications. The doll was to have a caramel brown complexion, red hair, and freckles. Because I was not in a hurry to receive the doll and because Karen was working on dolls for The Festival of Black Dolls Show and Sale, which took place this year on November 4, 2017, I decided having...

Family Dollar Lovely Patsy Chef Set Doll

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11-1/2 inch Chef Doll by Lovely Patsy, Ltd.

After grocery shopping at Aldi, I visited Family Dollar, which is in the same shopping strip.  I only needed to purchase a couple of household things that Aldi does not sell (Chlorox spray bleach for bathroom sanitizing and a package of cellulose sponges).

Family Dollar's toy aisle is now at the front of the store, so of course, I browsed the doll section,...