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World Peacekeepers~Comparison Headshot

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This is a comparison headshot of the four World Peacekeepers action figures purchased from Big Lots on various occasions. From left to right they are:  WPK Parajumper, WPK Green Beret, WPK CIA SOG (Special Operation Group), and Navy Seals Tunnel Hunter.  The two in the middle share the same head sculpt.

These guys make perfect companions for 11-1/2-to-12-inch fashion dolls.


One More World Peacekeepers Added to the Mix

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I visited Big Lots on Saturday and browsed the remaining World Peacekeepers action figures.  I purchased one final figure that I had declined purchasing at the time of my other WPK purchases.  This one has the same face mold as  World Peacekeepers Green Beretaction figure, but his outfit differs to reflect his CIA SOG (Special Operation Group) status. It consists of a black T-shirt, khaki...

Talking About Bad and Good Hair

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In an attempt to eliminate the frizz from the ends of Artsy's hair, I heavily moussed it, rolled the ends using rod rollers, and allowed it to dry before removing the rollers and gingerly finger combing it.  Finally, I used 24-hour hold hairspray to maintain the set.

(The first image, above, is my grandson's unbraided, washed hair*. The second image, above, is Artsy's hair before resetting.)


I Finally Found Artsy!

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Over the past few weeks, I periodically visited the physical Toys R Us store (before discovering their online price discrepancy on another doll line*) in an attempt to locate Barbie Fashionistas Artsy doll (the featured doll).  Later, multiple visits to Wal-Mart and a visit earlier this week to Target to catch their $9.99 sale were unfruitful. 

Yesterday, I reluctantly visited TRU where I finally...

Michael Jackson Paper Dolls!

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I just received notification from DollsLikeMe about the soon-to-be-released Michael Jackson Paper Dolls:  Commemorative Edition 1958 - 2009.  The scheduled release date, according to Dover Publications, is October 27, 2009.  I plan to preorder mine today!