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Black Doll collecting

Take a Peek at this Beautiful Baby

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I am always awe inspired by this young reborn artist's work.  Brooke Nicole is so talented.  Here's a link to one of her latest life-like creations. 


In Answer to a Crying Need

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The title of this blog was used for a 1968 Remco Toys, Inc. doll advertisementto introduce several black dolls designed by the then young African American doll designer, Annuel McBurrows. Remco sought to market dolls designed specifically for little brown girls. These dolls were not just white dolls "colored" brown. Their facial features were true representations of the little brown girls for whom...

Girls and Their Dolls ~ Encouraging Doll Play

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On page 422 in my book, Black Dolls A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion, mini profiles of African American (AA) girls and their dolls are preceded by the following passage:

Doll play allows little girls to exercise their innate nurturing characteristics. During times of doll play, girls usually imitate or reenact the nurturing received from their mothers...

My Little Eagle Will Soon Soar (or be in flight)

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Faith and Miracle, Native Australian Dolls by Wendy Frank

After Faith and Miracle arrived last month, I immediately craved a little brother for them.  They wanted one,  too.  I asked their talented artist, Wendy Frank, to make a boy according to my specifications.  She did.  Approximately three weeks ago, Wendy emailed an image of my little boy's completed head to me.  It met with my approval.


The Votes are In!

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L-R Pretty as Is™ Ivy, Ivy Rose, and Rose

The poll closed this morning for the Pretty As Is™  dolls created by Madame Alexander exclusively for the Sisterhood Boutique.  Votes were for the favorite individual doll and for the combined trio.  The results are as follows:

Ivy received 27% of the votes
Ivy Rose received  6% of the votes
Rose received 27% of the votes
The trio received 40% of the votes