Black Doll collecting

Black Doll collecting

Educator-Inspired Paper Doll, Edie May

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After being introduced to Edie May several months ago by my favorite paper doll artist, Diana Eufrasio Vining, purchasing one had been on my to-do list until this past Friday when I took a moment to revisit Diana’s website. After seeing Edie May and several other paper doll items, I placed my order. I recalled that one of Diana’s favorite teachers was the inspiration for her creation but I wanted...

Black Dolls from Brazil -- Updated 9.14.09

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I received the following e-mail and photos from a black-doll enthusiast from Brazil who recently received a copy of my second black-doll reference book, Black Dolls:  A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion.  With the collector's permission, I am sharing the images as a testament that the passion for black dolls is shared globally.

Philadelphia Doll Museum...

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Tags I. Roberta Bell, Philadelphia Doll Museum still online.  When I checked earlier today, I received a message, "website suspended."  The correct url/link is:

I. Roberta Bell's Dolls can be viewed at the following url/link under the African American Heritage icon.

Thanks, Gwen H. for the correct url.


Preserving and Imparting Black-Doll History: I. Roberta Bell Dolls

I received the following e-mail inquiry from a Black Doll-E-Zine subscriber.

Hello All, [does] anyone have any information on Alberta Bell who was a Black Doll Artist out of Chicago? I believe she was a member of UFDC. Thank you in advance for any info you can give me.

My reply:

Thanks for writing me and prompting me to do mini research based on your question about "Alberta Bell" dolls. I knew the...

Kaya Has Her Book

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My American Girl, Kaya, now has the mini book written about her that was offered as the girl's toy with McDonald's Happy Meals.  Kaya's mini book, like Addy's, was purchased minus the Happy Meal.  They were purchased from two different McDonald's and differed in cost by 22 cents.
I did not photograph Kaya's book, but wanted to report that my two-doll AG collection now includes these mini books...