ZiZi's Re-Repainted Lips

ZiZi's Re-Repainted Lips

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ZiZi's initial repaint was done with fingernail polish.

Recall that I used fingernail polish to repaint ZiZi's lips after removing the Mattel-pink lip color.  She is shown above with fingernail-polished lips.  It was a bit clumpy in one corner because I did not allow time for the polish to dry before applying another layer, but even after drying, it felt sticky.  Whether or not the fingernail polish was negatively interacting with the vinyl, I am uncertain, but I had been planning to remove it and repaint with acrylic paint as soon as I purchased the desired color.  Recently I did that.

After pouring a very small amount of fingernail polish remover into the bottle cap, I moistened the very tip of a Q-tip with fingernail polish remover.  While rubbing this across the lip color to remove, care was taken not to get the fingernail polish remover anywhere except the lips.  I did not want to remove by accident any color or sealant from her face.
Even with bare lips, she still looks good.  "You look girl, girl... Fly diva!"  (Do you know what movie that's from?)
ZiZi holds the thin-bristled detail paint brush that I used to repaint her lips.  (I always wash paint off the brush bristles with liquid soap and water after painting each layer.  This helps preserve the brush for future use.)
I wanted to maintain the same shimmery gold lip color.  Royal Gold metallic finish acrylic paint allowed me to achieve that goal.  I used a thin-bristled brush designed for detailing to first apply one thin layer to ZiZi's lower lip.

One layer of paint has been applied to ZiZi's lower lip.  It was allowed to dry for 30 minutes prior to proceeding.

ZiZi was held upside down while the upper lip was painted.  This aided in applying the paint evenly where desired but particularly in the lip crease and corners.

Two coats of paint were applied, which were allowed to dry in between.

After applying two thin coats of paint to ZiZi's lips with the first allowed to dry before applying the second, this task was complete:  the fingernail polish was removed and the new lip color added.  It was not necessary to apply a matte varnish or other sealant, but that can be applied as an option, if desired.


The line I quoted above was from Waiting to Exhale when, at Gloria's birthday party, Savannah Jackson (played by the late Whitney Houston) shares her age with the other ladies, all of whom have had one too many drinks.  She waits for them to affirm that she looks good for her age. See the clip here.

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