ZiZi and Her Short-Sleeved Dress

ZiZi and Her Short-Sleeved Dress

ZiZi and Natalie in swapped dresses

The sleeves on ZiZi's brocade dress had to go, at least partially. It bothered me to see at her wearing a long-sleeved dress with open-toe shoes/sandals, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped 2-1/4 inches away from the lower sleeves.

Sewing was not required afterward.

To prevent the cut edges of the now short sleeves from raveling, I painted these with clear fingernail polish, making sure the fingernail polish-dipped brush only touched the edges of the cut sleeves.  (To prevent the cut edges from fraying, I do this with cut ribbon edges, too.) 

Next, the dress was placed upright to lean against a mug on my desk for an hour or so while the fingernail polish dried.  (It did not actually take that long for the nail polish to dry, but I wanted to ensure it was completely dry before ZiZi was redressed.

She looks so much better and cooler now.

ZiZi is back on display with a few of her friends looking as confident as ever as shown above and as seen in the short video below. 

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