Yesterday's Great Finds

Yesterday's Great Finds

Black Doll Enthusiast

Yesterday, I went to Big Lots to look for microwavable plates for my BIL, who is scheduled to be released from an extended care facility within a few days. His PCA needs the plates for the meals she plans to precook for him on a weekly basis. After finding the plates, I ventured to the toy section where, I found some great doll buys. I’ve listed them in great-buy order:

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie – I already own one, but could not resist the price, $20. The box has creases, but I plan to debox this one.

Celebrate!, Disco Doll Barbie traveled home with me because of the $12.50 price. For $12.50, I can overlook her pink lip color.

World Peacekeepers 12-inch “generic,” fully-posable, AA military figure – I purchased one that wears a black T-shirt and denim pants. He will be used as a mate for one of my 11-1/2-inch dolls (possibly the fourth doll find). A variety of different styles were available for $10. Most wear military gear.

Glam Barbie has the (overused) Asha face, but I like her red, knee-length boots! Another one dressed in a different fashion was available wearing heels. This one is eager to get deboxed to check out the generic action figure. $5

I had no intention of purchasing dolls when I ran into Big Lots yesterday prior to picking up my grandson from Mother’s Day Out. The dolls were there with unbeatable prices. How could I resist? While there, I met another doll enthusiast who purchased an AAADT Barbie.

If there is a Big Lots near you, stop in. These and/or other great buys might be available.


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