Walmart Exclusive Quick Fix

Walmart Exclusive Quick Fix

Black Doll Enthusiast

A quick visit to Walmart for three things led me to the doll aisles where I found the above Only at Walmart Barbie fashion.  It includes a halter dress, pink hooded jacket, pink handbag and matching high-heels.  What looks like a shopping bag is part of the card graphics.

There were other Walmart-exclusive Barbie fashions (see two more here), but this is the only one I purchased.  It was $5, supposedly reduced from $6.97. 

The sherbert-like colors of this particular fashion appealed to me.  The color combination also reminds me of some of my late brother's artwork, which was usually done in pastels. 

Swappin' Styles Artsy models the fashion without the jacket.

Swappin' Styles Artsy, who had been wearing a love-themed two-piece fashion for several months, was chosen at random to wear the new fashion.

With jacket on, Artsy poses with a some of my brother's artwork.

I think Artsy (in name alone) was the perfect doll for this fashion. 


Happy birthday, Ronald!  I love and miss you.


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