Ultra Basic Russell Meets Ultra Basic Russell

Ultra Basic Russell Meets Ultra Basic Russell

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During the recent Tonnerdirect.com one day sale, I ordered Ultra Basic Russell Williams #2 (UBRW2), pictured above.  As illustrated in the following images, he has undergone some pretty radical changes. 

L-R, Ultra Basic Russell Williams 1 and 2

Not only is his complexion several shades lighter, UBRW2's former green eyes are now brown.  His torso is jointed while #1's is not. 

His hair has also grown and the texture has changed.  Instead of short, curly hair, UBRW2's hair is now straight, styled in a ponytail. 

Perhaps the now ambiguous ethnicity is an attempt to appeal to a wider range of collectors.  I'm not sure, but I have noticed that girlfriend, Esme, has undergone some major changes as well.  These are discussed in squarepeg's blog, "What Happened to Esme?" 

Which one do you like better, UBRW1 or UBRW2?  (As always, for greater detail, clicking on any of my images will enlarge them in a new window.)


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