TrueType "Obama" Meets #10

TrueType "Obama" Meets #10

Black Doll Enthusiast

I restyled the above doll's hair, the actual length of which is below her waist.  Next, I redressed her in several casual fashions, and paired her with my TrueType African American (Obama) action figure.  In the above photo, the mystery doll is wearing Alexis's (LIV) top and jeans (minus the sweater) and Artsy's (Fashionistas) shoulder bag and boots. 

Barbie Basics Collection 001, Model 10 is the mystery doll.

Artsy's trendy boots and shoulder bag were exchanged for Alexis's more conservative boots and handbag.

Next,  she tried on Barbie's denim jacket with pink faux fur trim and pink corduroy pants.  She's wearing boots from another Barbie fashion.  

For now she has settled on wearing yet another Barbie fashion: multicolored top, denim capris, and brown heels.  This outfit came with a flower watering can, not shown.

Which casual outfit do you think the First Lady would wear? 


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