Trouble with Tonner's Princess Tiana

Trouble with Tonner's Princess Tiana

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On January 19, 2011, had a one-day sale.  Princess Tiana was marked down from $199 to $60.  After spending several minutes on the traffic-filled website, I was finally able to complete my order.

The doll arrived within a week, but I did not remove her from the shipper until last weekend when I photographed her and realized the reason I did not purchase at retail. 

It's those eyes... those oversized, fairy-looking eyes .  This is such a lovely doll, dressed in such a beautiful gown that replicates that worn by the Disney character to have such fairy-looking eyes.  I showed her to my husband and asked, "What do you think about her eyes?  Do you think I should try to paint them to make them appear more human-like?"  "If she had 'normal' eyes, she wouldn't look like the character," was his reply. 

His point is valid because my other Princess Tiana dolls have the same oversized, fairy/pixie-looking eyes.  But there's something about this doll and these eyes that bothers me.


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