The Man in the Blue Suit

The Man in the Blue Suit

Black Doll Enthusiast

I ordered this blue suit from an eBay seller for my TrueType Obama figure.  It included shirt, tie, socks and shoes. The quality is nice (even though the shirt and pants have Velcro closure). There are no loose or dangling threads, missed stitches, or other irregularities that I could find.

The coat is lined.  The pants and shirt wear well without it. The nylon black socks fit his feet and the shoes were easy to put on without unlacing. I prefer leather (or believable pleather) shoes over the patent-leather (PL) ones that came with the suit because PL shoes on men just don't work for me.

I've given the seller positive feedback.

"The man" is joined by his First Lady, who now wears her original little black dress with the addition of a scarf to mask the plunging neckline.


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