The Excitement Has Fizzled...

The Excitement Has Fizzled...

...actually it fizzled a couple of days ago upon hearing disappointing reviews for Danbury Mint's Michelle Obama Inaugural Doll.  My doll arrived today.  While her appearance is not as dreadful as I had imagined, I am not happy enough with her or with the quality of her cheesecloth-like dress to keep her.  Before returning the doll, I took several photographs.  A side-by-side image of Danbury Mint's ad image with that of the actual doll is offered for comparison.

L-R Danbury Mint's prototype, presale image of the doll and the actual Michelle Obama Inaugural Doll

Click here to see a larger side-by-side comparison.

Close-up view of the doll

View of the dress from the rear; the fabric is a very thin, gauze-type material, embellished with rhinestones.

The doll's jewelry is nice--rhinestone ring, three-strand bracelet and...

...rhinestone drop earrings.

The high-heel shoes are painted on.  The bottom of her feet have two metal pegs that attach to two holes in the wooden base. 

I was expecting to receive a doll that looked exactly or as close as possible to the image shown in Danbury Mint's ad.  Unfortunately, that is not what I received.

I created a poll.  Please share your opinion about this doll.  Thanks!


Postscript: After reboxing the doll, I discovered an insert ad that includes an image of the Barack Obama Inaugural Doll. Interestingly, DM used an image of the actual Michelle Obama Inaugural Doll in this ad. Why couldn't they have done that initially?

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