Talking About Bad and Good Hair

Talking About Bad and Good Hair

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In an attempt to eliminate the frizz from the ends of Artsy's hair, I heavily moussed it, rolled the ends using rod rollers, and allowed it to dry before removing the rollers and gingerly finger combing it.  Finally, I used 24-hour hold hairspray to maintain the set.

(The first image, above, is my grandson's unbraided, washed hair*. The second image, above, is Artsy's hair before resetting.)

Several images of the doll's hair after setting follow:

What a difference a combination of mousse, rod rollers, hairspray, caring hands, and patience make!  Artsy's hair looks very good now!

*At his request, after growing his hair for multiple years, my now 8-year-old grandson's beautiful braids have been cut.


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