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Black Doll collecting — The Barbie Look Nighttime Glamour Barbie

ZiZi and Her Short-Sleeved Dress

ZiZi and Natalie in swapped dresses

The sleeves on ZiZi's brocade dress had to go, at least partially. It bothered me to see at her wearing a long-sleeved dress with open-toe shoes/sandals, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped 2-1/4 inches away from the lower sleeves.

Sewing was not required afterward.

To prevent the cut edges of the now short sleeves from raveling, I painted these with clear...

Glam Boho Barbie #85 and More Redressing

One of Glam Boho's first in-the-box photos

Glam Boho was ordered several months ago from ShopMattel dot com. Shipping of the first preordered dolls took place during the last week of September, which is when my doll arrived. At the ShopMattel site, the doll, shown as Fashionista #86, is currently not available. It is unknown if quantities will be replenished.

I do not know if the #86 used to...

A Quick Redress: Nighttime Glamour and ZiZi

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The Barbie Look Nighttime Glamour Barbie checks out a new lavender dress, hoping she can wear it.

Several weeks ago The Barbie Look Curvy Nighttime Glamour Barbie (shown above in her original clothes) and ZiZi (Zig and Zag) were redressed.  In ZiZi's case, she was re-redressed. The lavender dress Nighttime is admiring is what inspired the ensemble changes. As indicated on the package with check...