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Black Doll collecting — Super Size Christie

Some of My Favorite Vintage Black Barbies

Live-Action Christie, Talking Brad and Super Star Christie are among my favorite vintage Black Barbie family of dolls.

"Top Favorite Dolls" was the July photo-sharing theme in my Facebook doll group. On a daily basis most of us shared photos of our top favorite dolls and shared information about the dolls. One of my posts featured some of my top favorite vintage black Barbies. There are others that...

Other Fashions for Tiffany Taylor and Super Size Christie

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Can Tiffany Taylor wear Basic Colin's fashion?

A reader of this blog who recently acquired 1970s dolls, Super Size Christie (Mattel) and Tiffany Taylor (Ideal), wants to dress the two in up-to-date fashions.  I was asked to suggest possible fashions they can wear.  Since I did not know, I asked others who suggested Butterfly Ring, CED, and Evangeline Ghastly fashions as possibilities.

I was not...