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Baby Nancy ~ Shindana's First Doll

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Operation Bootstrap (OB) was formed in 1965 by two African American gentleman in the aftermath of the Watts, California riots, which began on August 11, 1965, and ended August 15, 1965.  In an attempt to rebuild the community, provide job training, and jobs for community residents, Louis Smith and Robert Hall are said to have organized OB with a $1,000 loan from an AA businessman.

As a result of...

Unique Black Doll Stationery

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Image used for stationery items

I often hand write personal notes, notes of thanks, and replies to people who have written me. Corresponding with others via email is okay; but mailed, handwritten notes go a step further when writing replies or expressing my sincere gratitude. When writing these notes to fellow doll enthusiasts, I enjoy using stationery that contains images of dolls from my...

BDHT: Shindana's Slade, OJ, and Dr. J.

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Shindana Toys Inc. created toys for girls and boys.  Three such boy toys are Slade Super Agent ©1975, OJ Simpson ©1975, and Dr. J. ©1976.  All three are 9-1/2 inch, jointed figures with accessories.

Instead of weapons, which the company was opposed to including with their toys, Slade Super Agent, stock #9010, has a back pack with a special signaling device. Slade wears a brown faux leather suit,...

BDHT: Shindana's First Fashion Doll

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#1 Wanda Career Girl by Shindana Toys ©1972

She's ebony in color, made of soft, pose-able vinyl, has rooted hair and eyelashes, and resembles Mattel's vintage Christie.  She's Shindana's first fashion doll, Wanda Career Girl and stands a diminutive 9 inches. 

The original Wanda  Career Girl, stock #2050 is described in the 1973 Shindana Cataglogue as, "Shindana's all new career girl. Her shag...

MIBDH: The Shindana Story and One of Its Main Characters

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The Shindana Story
Originally printed in the March/April 1990 issue of
Doll-E-Gram, published by Lavern E. Hall

Louis S. Smith - Photograph courtesy Louis S. Smith, III

"Shindana Toys, a division of Operation Bootstrap, Inc., stands alone as the largest black-owned and operated toy company in the world. It had its genesis in the rubble of the 1965 Watts revolt and it emerged in 1968 with a will to...