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New Fashion, New Attitude

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Swappin' Styles Artsy after recent repaint

The last time readers saw Swappin' Styles Artsy, she had undergone a repaint to enclose her former toothy grin.  Additional minor facial enhancement was done as well.  She had been dressed in a $3 Mattel Barbie purple and yellow print, one-shoulder dress, as shown above.

Artsy is now redressed in a handmade tan dress, belted at the waist, which is topped...

These Lips Are Not as Augmented

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Dynamite Girls Dayle with her former parted lips reminded me of Basketball Wives Malaysia.

Here she lies allowing her new mouth to dry after an application of a mixture of white, pink, toffee, and burnt sienna acrylic paints.

No longer in jeopardy of being sold, with lips that are closed and not as full as my previous repaint, Dayle strikes a final pose.

Thanks again Jorge Ramiro and Sheilla B Silver...

Oh No... Not Another Repaint!

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Yes, but my husband did this one... well most of it.  After his critical review of my first repaint, I  challenged him to do better. 

Using Mattel's original Artsy Fashionista (a thrift store finda few months ago, that by the way has one of the most perfect articulated doll bodies), he removed all manufactured facial paint. A combination of brush-tip markers (we do love our markers) and paint were...

How Do You Like Me Now?

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I toned down Nikki's makeup in an effort to eliminate the former street "walkerish" look as a result of the initial facial makeover I gave her.

Where I went wrong: I did not remove all existing manufactured coloring because I wanted to use theirs as a guide. Big mistake. Because of their blue eye shadow on her upper eyelids and around the corners of her eyes, I was forced to heavily shade these...

My First Repaint

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First off, let me make this perfectly clear: I am not posting these before and after images of Fashionista Nikki because I am proud of the end result. I am just sharing my first and probably last attempt at doll repainting where facial features are concerned. Painting is not one of my strong points, but I have longed to test the waters of repainting a doll's eyes.  Finally, I did it.