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Black Doll collecting — redressing

Glam Boho Barbie #85 and More Redressing

One of Glam Boho's first in-the-box photos

Glam Boho was ordered several months ago from ShopMattel dot com. Shipping of the first preordered dolls took place during the last week of September, which is when my doll arrived. At the ShopMattel site, the doll, shown as Fashionista #86, is currently not available. It is unknown if quantities will be replenished.

I do not know if the #86 used to...

A Quick Redress: Nighttime Glamour and ZiZi

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Tags redressing, The Barbie Look Nighttime Glamour Barbie, Zig and Zag

The Barbie Look Nighttime Glamour Barbie checks out a new lavender dress, hoping she can wear it.

Several weeks ago The Barbie Look Curvy Nighttime Glamour Barbie (shown above in her original clothes) and ZiZi (Zig and Zag) were redressed.  In ZiZi's case, she was re-redressed. The lavender dress Nighttime is admiring is what inspired the ensemble changes. As indicated on the package with check...

HSM Taylor, Gabriella, and Tamika's Redress

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Tags Gabriella, High School Musical Taylor, redressing, Tamika, thrift store find

High School Musical Taylor

On a recent trip to the thrift store to see if any dolls were available that interested me, I found a nude High School Musical (HSM) Taylor. Initially, I did not know who she was because her hair and the plastic baggie she was in covered her markings. After seeing another doll of a similar size there, Gabriella, and seeing Mattel's name stamped on Gabriella's back,...

Maru's Friend Tanya, Her New Friend, and Raven

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Tags Maru and Friends Tanya, Raven, redressing, Welcome Home Madame Alexander

First-issue Tanya of the Maru and Friends doll line in one of her first photos taken in 2008

Meet (first-issue) Tanya of the Maru and Friends doll line introduced in 2008. Below, Tanya shares her entry in my book, The Doll Blogs When Dolls Speak I Listen, which provides her details without "me" having to rewrite them.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My name is Tanya. I am one of the three dolls in...

Future Redressing Fun for One, Maybe More

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Tags Atelier ni Shasha, redressing

New dolly fashions from Shasha

Three beautifully presented envelopes arrived from the Philippines this week from Shasha of atelierniSHASHA.  Unfortunately for me, I have absolutely no time for doll play until after October 15th or shortly thereafter.  Color Infusion Janay's tribal chevron dress, which is Shasha's 2014 dress of the year, should be here by the time I am able to go into full play...
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