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Black Doll collecting — Princess Tiana

White Mother Buys Black Dolls for Latina Daughter

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Princess Tiana by Robert Tonner

Princess Tiana (although not this exact one) is discussed in the article, "I’m White, My Daughter is Latina, and I Buy Black Dolls."  Last night I stumbled upon this April 11, 2011, article published by New Latina while searching for something else and thought I'd share the link here.


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Subtly Untroubled Tiana - Updated!

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My trouble with Tonner's Tiana's eyes no longer exists.  I used the above items (a No. 2 pencil, white marker, ultra fine-tipped Sharpie, a toothpick and white acrylic paint) to make Tiana's eyes more aesthetically appealing to me.

What I did (as a novice):
  • I darkened the entire whites of her eyes with a No. 2 pencil.
  • Using the brown, ultra fine-tipped Sharpie*, I gave her the appearance of heavy...

Trouble with Tonner's Princess Tiana

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On January 19, 2011, had a one-day sale.  Princess Tiana was marked down from $199 to $60.  After spending several minutes on the traffic-filled website, I was finally able to complete my order.

The doll arrived within a week, but I did not remove her from the shipper until last weekend when I photographed her and realized the reason I did not purchase at retail. 

It's those...

Seeing Color

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Internet-captured photo

My blog entry of November 19, 2009, "Prince Naveen -- Too Lukewarm for Some," written a little over one year ago, continues to receive multiple page views and additional comments.

The gist of the blog was my concern about the opinions young minds (both male and female) would form as a result of Disney's first animated, African American princess sharing her crown with someone...

All Things Princess Tiana and other Tidbits

During a recent trip to Wal-Mart in an unsuccessful attempt to locate Princess Tiana magnetic paper dolls, I purchased several Princess Tiana items (coloring book, a storybook with an attached writing device and magnetic pen, and another storybook) to send to my 4-year-old niece along with the Princess Tiana toddler doll that I purchased for her several weeks ago. 

After reading an inspirational...
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