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Black Doll collecting — no-sew dress

ZiZi and Her Short-Sleeved Dress

ZiZi and Natalie in swapped dresses

The sleeves on ZiZi's brocade dress had to go, at least partially. It bothered me to see at her wearing a long-sleeved dress with open-toe shoes/sandals, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped 2-1/4 inches away from the lower sleeves.

Sewing was not required afterward.

To prevent the cut edges of the now short sleeves from raveling, I painted these with clear...

Nana Yaayaa's (Tamica's) African-Inspired Dress

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Tags African wrap dress, Black History project, Ghanaian flag, no-sew dress, Tamica

National flag of Ghana

In honor of Black History Month, the administrator of a Black Barbie groups on Facebook, asked members to participate in a project to "sew" an African dress for Barbie and to give our dolls African names.  I decided to dress my doll muse, Tamica, for the project and give her the temporary Ghanaian name, Nana Yaayaa, which means Mother of the Earth, born on a Thursday. (It was...

Rosemary's New No-Sew Dress

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Rosemary's new no-sew dress (click to enlarge)

Shortly after introducing Rosemary Rock Flowers in a post about these 1971-1974 dolls by Mattel, her new colorful dress was fashioned from the scarf she is positioned alongside.  She had been wearing a Dawn dress as shown in the previous post.

To make the dress, I trimmed a small portion from the end of the scarf and wrapped it around Rosemary's body...