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Black Doll collecting — musician Barbie

Fab Fringe Gets a Little Edgy

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After she arrived as a birthday gift from my son last year, Fab Fringe (the tall redhead Barbie with the short Afro shown above) remained in her original unflattering clothes: floral front, long-sleeve shirt, denim shorts, and black booties. Later in the year, I purchased three Black Dolls Matter T-shirts from the Etsy shop of the same name. Fab Fringe replaced her original top with one of those...

New 'Do, New Clothes For Musician Barbie

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To create a sleeker look, Musician Barbie's hair (which looked like this originally and like this after brushing it) was restyled into two-strand twists as shown above.

After wetting it, I started from the neck area and moved up by parting several horizontal sections and separating each into tiny twists until all hair was twisted. Before twisting each section, I applied Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling...

New Articulated Musician Barbie

All photos are Internet captured.

Amazon has this doll labeled as "Barbie Girls Music Activity Playset." For the past couple of days, quantities have been in and out of stock. I managed to find one in stock yesterday and placed an order. Currently, Amazon Prime customers can enjoy free shipping and a cost of $19.99 + tax for this articulated, dark skinned musician Barbie that comes with the items...