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Black Doll collecting — Gloria Young Rone

Hitty and the Surprise

Good things were tucked inside this cute little carrying case.

Gloria Rhone of Massa's Servants Collectibles presented another doll for sale in a Facebook post that I simply could not refuse.  The initial photo was of the undressed doll.  Without even knowing how she would be dressed, I claimed her as mine.

Gloria's initial photo of my new Hitty doll (photo courtesy of Gloria Y. Rone)

Shown in...

Dolls Tell Their Own Stories

Black Doll Enthusiast

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I am unsure what fascinates me so about Gloria Rone's (Massa's Servants Collectibles) dolls, but some of them, many of them actually, speak to my heart. I am mesmerized by their hand sculpted, one-of-a-kind faces, which are so expressive. The faces are the first hook that draws me in. Some usually come with a story the artist has written about them, while others do not. I enjoy reading their...

Gloria's Dolls BKA Massa's Servants Collectibles

Massa's Servants Collectibles, one-of-a-kind, handmade dolls by Gloria Rone

In December 2006, I interviewed Gloria Young, now Gloria Rone and published the interview in Black Doll-E-Zine's online group at Yahoo! Groups. Throughout the years, I have seen her work steadily progress. I remain fascinated by Gloria's doll creations that she initially categorized as primitive. When I think of primitive...

Unique Black Doll Stationery

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Image used for stationery items

I often hand write personal notes, notes of thanks, and replies to people who have written me. Corresponding with others via email is okay; but mailed, handwritten notes go a step further when writing replies or expressing my sincere gratitude. When writing these notes to fellow doll enthusiasts, I enjoy using stationery that contains images of dolls from my...