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Black Doll collecting — Fashion Fever Kayla

Kayla's New 'Do

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Fashion Fever Kayla's head on Alexis LIV's body wears Limbe Dolls lingerie.

In addition to needing new clothing after she allowed Prettie Girls Lena to wear the Stardolls for Barbie fashion that she had been wearing, Kayla needed her hair restyled.

Kayla illustrates her thick, unruly mane.

Kayla's hair has always been very unruly. I have tried restyling it after giving her a boil perm, but it failed...

Re-Bodied Determination

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The reader is referred to the recent makeover given Fashion Fever Kayla.

LIV's Making Waves Alexis and Fashion Fever Kayla prior to the body swap

I found a LIV Alexis for a decent price online with free shipping to replace Kayla's non-articulated body.

After her new body donor arrived, Kayla examined her from head to toe prior to giving consent for the surgical procedure she was about to undergo. I...

Kayla's Reveal

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The rollers are out and Kayla has donned her new clothes (formerly worn by a Mattel Stardoll).  See how she looked originally in the first two pictures of my post on July 25, 2012

Kayla's feet were wrapped with several layers of Saran wrap to increase the girth and prevent her new shoes from wiggling and/or falling off. She may eventually get a new body, but for now, she is keeping the original....

No, Danielle Has Not Left Morristown for Texas

After "meeting" Danielle Harperthrough Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures in November 2010, I have followed Vanessa's well-written stories and videos about Danielle's courtship, marriage, honeymoon, and her most recent return from honeymoon. Through these photo and video stories, I was able to really "get to know" Danielle as a charming woman, single mother, and now wife. I liked her and wanted...