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Those secret sale prices on eBay

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The title of this post was the subject of a phishing email I received that I immediately reported to eBay confirmed in their standard form letter that the email did not originate from them. So if you receive something similar, know that "those secret sale prices on eBay" are nonexistent. The phishing email is copied below wherein I replaced my information with an asterisk. Links...

eBay Cash Back is Back through Ebates

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Are you an eBay buyer?  Are you already registered with  If you answered, "yes" to both questions, you are eligible to receive up to 3.0% cash back when you link to through prior to completing your eBay purchases.

If you are not already a registered user, you can register here. Then each time you win an auction on eBay, link to eBay...

An eBay'd Baby

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Thinning out babies... as they are no longer as near and as dear to my heart, this one needs love and a new home.  I have non-eBay plans for most of the others... just need to make that move and call. 


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Weird Dream

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It's weird to dream about dolls... particularly those you do not collect. I had the weirdest dream last night that took a while to remember. But I knew there were dolls involved.

In the dream, I had taken a trip and was at an airport or other transportation terminal with my luggage, which was inspected. There were two dolls in it, types that I do not collect. I have no idea how they got in the...