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Black Doll collecting — Darla Daley

A Quick Outfit Swap and Pleasant Surprise

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Twist 'N Shout Darla Daley in Rebecca jumpsuit made by Shasha of atelierni Shasha

Since 2013, Twist 'N Shout Darla Daley by Integrity Toys has been wearing the Rebecca one-shouldered jumpsuit made by Shasha. I won the fashion during Shasha's Welcome 2013 Contest. It's perfect for Darla, including the handmade bracelet, earrings, and belt. However, recently I decided to see if Tamica would look as...

Color Infusion Janay's Second Photo Shoot

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When last seen, 2013 Color Infusion Janay wore a black and white striped tunic and black textured leggings (scroll down here).  After the chevron dress arrived from Shasha of atelierniShasha, we made time for another photo shoot.

Janay styles and profiles the chevron dress, which shows off her long, shapely legs.
As evidenced above, Janay looks stunning in the chevron dress. We wanted to see where...

I Want Twist 'N Shout!

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If you are thinking about the 1960s song Twist and Shout, first recorded by the Isley Brothers (1962), then The Beattles (1963) that is not what I want(ed).  I am referring instead to friend-of-Poppy Parker, Twist ‘N Shout Darla Daley by Integrity Toys (IT)  from the 2011 collection whose bio reads as follows:

Introducing Poppy's best friend, Darla Daley. They met in a...