Black Doll collecting

Black Doll collecting — curly hair

Curly Girls United the Chosen One

It was a difficult decision to chose which Curly Girls United doll would increase the doll population here by one.

Curly Girls United Dolls, Kayla, a honey blonde, and a brunette

My choice focused between Kayla, the doll with the deepest complexion and the honey blonde (the center doll shown above). I studied this image for several days and ultimately decided on the honey blonde because of her...

Guest Post From the Creator of Curly Girls United

Curly Girls United dolls

Having my professional background as first a critical care nurse and now a nurse anesthetist, I never imagined I would start my own doll company! But life has many surprises for us as time goes on.

I grew up with girls and women who had beautiful hair textures and gorgeous skin tones, but our dolls all looked the same—generic in a way that didn’t reflect the beauty in our...