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My Long Tall Sally

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Pat, a cloth doll by Patricia Glasco

Along with porcelain dolls, cloth dolls are a minority in my collection. There are very few cloth dolls that warm my heart enough to allow their entrance. My latest doll acquisition is, however, an exception to my closed door policy to cloth dolls.

Pat was made about 20 years ago. According to her artist, Patricia Glasco, the doll took about 20 hours to...

Black Cloth Doll Presence at 2012 UFDC Convention

Black Doll Enthusiast

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The 2012 UFDC Convention (A Jambalaya Jubilee) will be held July 23 - 26, in New Orleans, LA and will include a special black cloth doll exhibit. 

A Stitch in Time - Folk Art Black Cloth Dolls – 1800s to Present
Joyce Stamps curates this special exhibit of folk art black cloth dolls, assisted by members of the Black Gold Doll Club of New England. These dolls have been loved and survived over the...
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