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Black Doll collecting — black cloth dolls

A Gloria Grandy Cre8tiv Glory

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One-of-a-kind 20-inch cloth doll by Gloria Grandy of Cre8tiv Glory

Doll artist, and Facebook friend, Gloria Grandy, makes dolls under the name, Cre8tiv Glory. After viewing photos of some of her past dolls, I inquired about the above doll's availability in late November 2017. Because she was still available and had already begun tugging at my heart strings, I made the necessary arrangements to...

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Stacie Johnson, founder and creator of Twissi Handmade Dolls shares her profile with the readers of Ebony-Essence of Dolls in Black, which can be read here.

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Tuesday, Joey, and Amanda

During the last week of September of this year, I was contacted by an antiques dealer, David, who wanted to share photos of a portion of a collection of black dolls his shop had recently acquired. The dolls had been part of an eclectic collection of thousands, representing a variety of ethnicities, formerly owned by a doll lover who had the means to purchase most any doll she desired.  Wouldn't...

Finally Found Peter

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Peter's Chair book and doll, book is a board book reprint of the original 1967 title; the doll has a copyright of 1995.

Ezra Jack Keats' character in cloth-doll form from the book Peter's Chair is the Peter I found.  After reading Sherry Howard's post about the $5, still-in-box, 1995 Peter's Chairdoll and book packaged set found at an antiques and collectibles extravaganza, I wanted one, too. I did...

Difference Between Cloth and Rag Dolls

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Tags Andy and Mandy Organdy, black cloth dolls, Deb Canham, Jane Davies

During the same week of Pat's purchase (seen and described here), I was informed of a doll offering I could not refuse:  Andy and Mandy Organdy, a pair of cloth dolls with molded faces by Deb Canham.  According to page 28 of The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls, the dolls were made in approximately 1998. Another source indicates 2001 as their year of manufacture. An image of Karen Rae...
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