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Barbie and Friends Article on eBay

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Francie and Christie

Today I listed several doll articles on eBay, one of which is about Barbie and her friends. I was hesitant to list this particular article because of the above illustration, which appears on page 5 of the 6-page article. I wanted to keep the article solely for the illustration. Since I decided to let it go, I thought it would be a good idea to share the scanned image and...

Happy 30th Anniversary Black Barbie (or 29th)...

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... depending on how you date your dolls (by box date or by the date the doll was introduced to the market), this year marks Black Barbie's 29th/30th anniversary.

While the #1 Barbie celebrates her 50th anniversary, having been introduced to the doll market on March 9, 1959, the first Black doll to be given the name Barbie did not arrive on the doll scene until 1979 (box year) or 1980 (market...