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Black Doll collecting — Atelier ni Shasha

Tamica a Customized Doll by Shasha

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Barbie Fashionista Nikki holds a Nikki head customized by Shasha of atelier ni Shasha.

In July 2016, Shasha introduced Tamica as her first doll repaint and reroot.  I-fell-in-dolly love! (See the post that exacerbated my doll-want-itis here). Shortly after seeing Tamica, I recall communicating with Shasha by email to express my desire to own one of her customizations, if not Tamica, should she ever...

An Interview by Shasha

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Tags Atelier ni Shasha, interview

In one of her new endeavors, to feature collectors on her blog, the wonderfully creative and talented Shasha recently interviewed me. I am honored.  The results of the interview have been published on her blog. Please check it out here.

If you are a playscale collector whose dolls may be in need of fabulous fashions, check out Shasha's, Etsy shop, "which brings you doll collecting and accessories...

How To's on Collection Storage, Display, and Organization

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Tags Atelier ni Shasha, doll displays, doll organization, doll storage

NRFB dolls are stacked against a wall; others
are displayed to the left and behind the computer
monitor.  For a collector, every bit of space counts.

In part 1 of Collection Storage, Display, and Organization, Shasha polled fellow collectors and shared their collective tips on this topic. Each contributor offered great ideas to organize and save space.

Thank you again for allowing me to contribute,...

Quick and Unusual Afternoon Post - Pazette's Redress (Actually 2013 Holiday Barbie)

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Tags 2013 holiday barbie, Atelier ni Shasha, Pazette, tribal chevron-print dress

2013 Holiday Barbie preparing for a well-deserved redress

2013 Holiday Barbie was one of my doll Christmas gifts from a a friend.  I wanted this doll because of the Pazette head sculpt, which was first used on Stephen Burrow's doll of the same name (in ebony complexion).  My plan was to give her an immediate redress.  Plan completed.

Cardboard was used to line the skirt of 2013 Holiday Barbie's...

Color Infusion Janay's Second Photo Shoot

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Tags Atelier ni Shasha, Color Infusion Janay, Darla Daley, Halle

When last seen, 2013 Color Infusion Janay wore a black and white striped tunic and black textured leggings (scroll down here).  After the chevron dress arrived from Shasha of atelierniShasha, we made time for another photo shoot.

Janay styles and profiles the chevron dress, which shows off her long, shapely legs.
As evidenced above, Janay looks stunning in the chevron dress. We wanted to see where...
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