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The Marvelous World of Shani and Her Friends

This image is on the back of the box of each original doll in the Shani collection.  Dolls included Shani (center doll), Asha (far left), and Nichelle, (box date 1991).
Designed by Kitty Black Perkins, former chief designer of fashions and concepts for Mattel's Barbie line, the Shani collection is Mattel's first line of African American fashion dolls. All other African American Barbies had been...

Soul Train Gang Re-Invented

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Mattel's 1993 Soul Train Shani, Asha, Jamal, and Nichelle

These dolls were not readily accessible when I posted my Don Cornelius tribute because they were stored in a Baby Crissydoll box that was inaccessible at the time. I gained access to the box yesterday to see if my Mego Diana Ross was also in it. Unfortunately, Ross was not. The only other doll in the box with Soul Train Shani, Asha, Jamal,...