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The Ebony-Essence of Dolls in Black

Dear Black Doll Collecting Readers,

This post announces the creation of another blog designed to celebrate black doll artists and collectors through the publication of in-depth, usually multi-part articles.

As many of you know, I have written several articles for doll magazines in addition to three books about black dolls. I have no desire to write another book (but who knows what the future...

UFDC's Doll News Catches the Wave

Black Doll Enthusiast

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I have been a UFDC member-at-large since 2005, which includes a subscription to their quarterly publication, Doll News.  In the past seven years, I have never been as fascinated by a Doll News issue as I am with the current one.  I reveled at the following:

  1. A black fashion doll graces the cover. (There may have been one issue of Doll Newsin the past seven years with an antique black cloth doll on...