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AG's GOTY Gabriela McBride

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Gabriela McBride, American Girl's 2017 Girl of the Year doll

My Gabriela McBride, American Girl’s first African American Girl of the Year (GOTY) doll, arrived in February.  She remained in her shipping box until March 10, 2017.  This is a first-look review of Gabriela with the doll still attached to box lining. 

Like all other 18-inch American Girl dolls, Gabriela is 18 inches tall with vinyl head,...

Three Specially-Priced Melody Ellison Packages through 08/29/2016

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Everyone who had been waiting to order American Girl's newest BeForever modern African American doll, Melody Ellison, has probably done so by now. For those of you who are unaware that ordering officially commenced on 08/25/2016 with three special package offerings for Melody and her accessories, this blog post is written to serve you. If you plan to purchase a substantial amount of Melody Ellison...

American Girl WellieWishers

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American Girls' new doll line, WellieWishers:  Two Caucasian, a Latina, Asian, and African American are included in the five-doll line.
First seen on this blog here, American Girl has now created a count-down web page for the WellieWishers' June 23, 2016, launch. Beyond a video featuring little girls with the dolls, the site does not provide specifics such as their actual names, height, and price,...

The Voice of Melody Ellison

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Melody Ellison is part of American Girls' BeForever Collection

American Girl collectors eagerly anticipate the release (sometime this summer) of the company's newest doll character, Melody Ellison, first written about on this blog here. Melody represents a 9-year-old Civil Rights era child and resident of Detroit, Michigan, the original home of Motown records. In addition to civil rights issues, a...

American Girl Melody Ellison Debuts on CBS This Morning

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Internet-captured photo
of Melody Ellison

Scheduled for release this summer, Melody Ellison, a post Civil Rights-era American Girl doll in the BeForever Historical line, made her debut on the CBS This Morning show (this morning). The reporter, Jerika Duncan, asked some very valid questions of American Girl Vice President of Marketing, Julia Prohaska:

In the 30 years you have designed over 20...
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