She's Come Undone

She's Come Undone

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Boogie Beach Reese of the Dynamite Girls by Integrity, a Jason Wu and team design, arrived on Monday.  I removed her from her box this afternoon and thoroughly examined her.  On attempt to test the range of motion of her left knee joint, her lower leg from below the knee down fell off!  Yikes!  Repair will require a specialist because the ball portion separated in half and the remaining upper half is seated unevenly in the socket.  Since I am untrained in limb repair and the ball appears to have been defective from the factory, I emailed the merchant.  I am awaiting their answer on the steps to take to return the doll for a replacement at their expense and/or a full refund.

Reese makes the third doll in the past few weeks to arrive with issues.  Maybe I need to slow my doll buying "role" for a while.


PS  After several hours of waiting to hear from the merchant, I decided to contact Integrity since they offer a one-year limited warranty on this doll.  I sent the following note and must wait 3-5 days to hear from their "Patient Care" department:

"I purchased from one of your authorized merchants and received Dynamite Girls Boogie Beach Reese. The doll's left leg fell off due to a defective ball and joint mechanism, which split in half. One half of the ball is in the upper leg. The other half is in the lower leg. The two parts cannot be put back together because the upper half appears to have been inserted incorrectly at the factory."

Their website states they will not provide return postage and I have to provide clear JPEG photos of the damage for them to determine if repair or replacement is necessary.  If the doll requires replacement (and she does), I will have to DESTROY it and provide pictures as proof that it has been destroyed. 

I hope this story has a happy ending. 

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