Seen at Big Lots: Wellie-Wishers-Type Dolls

Seen at Big Lots: Wellie-Wishers-Type Dolls

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Play Zone Style Girls Skylar (from Big Lots) and Wellie-Wishers Kendall by American Girl
Online photos of Play Zone Style Girls Skylar were first seen in a Facebook-group post in a comparison with American Girl Wellie-Wishers Kendall. Both dolls are all vinyl and around the same height, 14-1/2 inches.  The online photos enticed me to visited my local Big Lots to see Skylar in person with initial plans to purchase.

Piper and Skylar by Play Zone

Skylar was hidden behind Piper (the brunette) and Quinn (the blonde, which was not photographed).  Shelf rearranging was done to take the above photo. 

Skylar does bear a striking resemblance to American Girl's Kendall and has a much lower price of $15, when compared to Kendall's $60 price tag.  Skylar wears a cute romper that has a cat imprinted on the bodice.  I did not examine the clothing quality but did notice her silver lamé shoes seem to have an ill fit as illustrated next.

Apart from the shoes, Skylar is a very pretty doll.  She has black rooted hair that is super curly, an open mouth and teeth that are in better alignment than Kendall's.  (She doesn't look buck toothed.)   She, however, did not beg me to bring her home.  After snapping the above photos and the next, I left her behind.

The back of the box bears Skylar's name.  Images of Quinn, Skylar, and Piper are included on the back of each doll's box.
Play Zone Style Girls will make nice companions for Wellie-Wishers or just cute stand-ins for them if you do not already own Wellie-Wishers.  While at Big Lots, I also noticed the 18-inch dolls by Play Zone which cost $20.  I did not see nor look to see if an African American 18-inch doll was in stock.  If there, it was probably hidden behind the others.

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