S.I.S. Rocawear Comparisons

S.I.S. Rocawear Comparisons

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I purchased the recently released second version of Mattel's So In Style Rocawear dolls and photographed them with the first version (the dolls on the left) for comparison.  The first version was released last winter.  Click on photos to enlarge, then maximize the second window. 

So In Style Rocawear Grace, Full View
So In Style Rocawear Grace, Close-up

So In Style Rocawear Kara, Close-Up

So In Style Rocawear Kara, Full

So In Style Rocawear Trichelle, Full

So In Style Rocawear Trichelle, Close-Up

So In Style Rocawear Chandra, Full

So In Style Rocawear Chandra, Close-up

Rocawear Darren has not changed.

Because of her textured hair and fashions, Trichelle remains my favorite (both versions).  I think Chandra #2 is stunning in blue.   Do you have a favorite?


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