Rocawear So In Style Dolls Coming to a Store Near You Soon...

Rocawear So In Style Dolls Coming to a Store Near You Soon...

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... or they may already be there. 

Rocawear So in Style Chandra (the new girl in the S.I.S. line) and Rocawear Trichelle were purchased at a Maryland Toys R Us by a fellow doll enthusiast and member of my WLBD discussion group. 

The dolls are a brilliant result of a collaboration between Mattel and Rocawear (co-founded by music mogul Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter).   The dolls' Rocawear fashions are reflective of the hip-hop culture that is appreciated within US borders and internationally.  I imagine that teens who have long forgotten the joys of doll play and some, whose interests never included dolls, will find these hip-hop clad dolls appealing enough to own.

If your plans include adding the Rocawear S.I.S. dolls to your collection, or if you would like to encourage a teen girl to revert to former doll play/appreciation, check your local stores for availability.

Rocawear Grace, Chandra, Trichelle, and Kara are already available for ordering at the Toys R Us website for $12.99 (sight unseen as images are not available at this time). 

L-R:  Rocawear S.I.S. dolls, McBride-Irby, and the original S.I.S. dolls
Photograph from Toys R Us blog

Read Dolls of Color's recent interview of S.I.S. designer, Stacey McBride-Irby, who shares more about the S.I.S. concept and how it became a reality. 


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