Pre-Purchase Browsing

Pre-Purchase Browsing

Black Doll Enthusiast

(Image scanned from the back of Darren's box) So In Style Rocawear dolls: Grace, Kara, Trichelle, Chandra, and Darren

Before going to Toys R Us today, I decided to see if the Rocawear dolls' images were on the TRU website. They are, all except Rocawear S.I.S. Grace, that is.   My plan was to order them from TRU online if they had not been available at the local store, particularly since one online seller is offering them in a buy it now auction for a three-figure amount!

My wait for them is over:  My husband purchased the set for me while we were at TRU.

I like Trichelle's fashion the best.  I'll share photos after I've deboxed them.


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