"Obama" Meets Obama: Hot Toys' TrueType versus DID's Action Figure

"Obama" Meets Obama: Hot Toys' TrueType versus DID's Action Figure

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Hot Toys' TrueType Figure Advanced Version African American (modeled after President Obama) arrived yesterday from ToysNSwords.com.  Prior to his arrival, I had an outfit in mind.
His muscular physique interfered drastically with the Ken fashion I had on hand.

Ken's sunglasses do fit him.

Civilian pieces purchased from Old Joe Infirmary (they're offline for a while) will have to do for now:  a lavender dress shirt, black denim jeans, and black mock-lace oxfords.  The look on his face is stern, but he appears relaxed in casual clothes.  I did not want to "suit him" up anyway.

In comparison to the Obama figure by DID, I like Hot Toys' figure better for the following reasons:
  • His complexion is even--the head color matches his body and extremities.
  • The head sculpt better captures the President's likeness including ear size. Unlike DID, they failed to include the mole by his nose, however.
  • Hot Toys painted the hair better.
  • Both figures can stand without the assistance of a display stand, but Hot Toys included one.
  • Hot Toys' extra thigh muscles may be an added plus for some.  I quickly removed them.  
  • The Hot Toys figure has one set of extra hands (the DID figure has two extra sets).  The fingers are flexible on the Hot Toys figure.  DID's are not.
  • They both pose well, but the DID figure has more abdominal muscles and more articulation in that area. 
I took several additional photos.  Click to enlarge in another window for better detail.

All they need now is at least one 11-1/2-inch vinyl replica of the First Lady.


Hot Toy's TrueType (Obama) and DID's Obama Action Figures (in box and in white shirt)
PS  I should mention that DID's figure has two heads.  I purchased an extra body for the open-mouthed head, which is the one illustrated above in the white shirt.  The other, which is dressed in a suit, is kept in the box along with the accessories:  fringed American flag with pole and stand, stool, microphone, extra necktie, and extra hands.

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