No, Danielle Has Not Left Morristown for Texas

No, Danielle Has Not Left Morristown for Texas

After "meeting" Danielle Harper through Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures in November 2010, I have followed Vanessa's well-written stories and videos about Danielle's courtship, marriage, honeymoon, and her most recent return from honeymoon.  Through these photo and video stories, I was able to really "get to know" Danielle as a charming woman, single mother, and now wife.  I liked her and wanted to add my own Danielle to my collection.  I kept forgetting to ask Vanessa to inform me of Danielle's manufactured name.

Her origin was unveiled after I read Ebony Nicole's April 29, 2012, "for sale" post for Fashion Fever Kayla.  From there I immediately went to eBay and quickly found my own Kayla never removed from box, (whose name will remain Kayla).  Kayla arrived in May of this year.

I've been so busy with life, work, and real-world stuff that I had not taken the time to redress Kayla or do anything with her long, but rather uneven hair until this past weekend.  After finding the perfect fashion for her, I decided to give Kayla a makeover, which has not been completed, but I wanted to share the first steps of the makeover now.

Below are two pictures of Kayla taken after she arrived in May.

Did anyone really ever wear bell-bottom camouflage pants with orange jersey inserts?

Kayla's hair has now been pulled up into a ponytail, held by a rubber band.  I applied olive oil Eco Style Gel to the loose ends and curled small sections with tiny rod rollers.  I had to use end papers in order to get the uneven ends of her hair to curl evenly.

Kayla is waiting for her hair to dry.  She and I are eager to know how her curls will look.

Next, I dressed Kayla in a lovely matching black lace bra and panties designed by the tremendously creative Limbe Dolls.  Kayla and I love it!

Kayla, still waiting for her hair to dry, is dressed in black lace lingerie ensemble courtesy of Limbe Dolls.

As soon as Kayla's hair dries and is styled, an additional post will be published to share more details about her makeover including why I wrapped plastic around her feet (as shown in the image immediately above).

Until then...


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