New Terri Lee Dolls Coming Soon!

New Terri Lee Dolls Coming Soon!

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Terri Lee Swing into Spring

New play line Terri Lee dolls will be available to order next week exclusively from the Terri Lee website, which is still under construction. The website will go live during the week of July 11, 2010.

In addition to the new doll offerings, the new and improved website will offer information about the historic Terri Lee doll company. Part of their history includes their association with Zelda “Jackie” Ormes, the first syndicated African American female cartoonist. Ms. Ormes’s comic-strip character, Patty-Jo was transformed into doll form by the Terri Lee doll company in 1947.

Terri Lee Winter Wonderland

Terri Lee dolls are well known for their quality and fashions.  The two new African American dolls, Terri Lee Swing into Spring and Terri Lee Winter Wonderland are dressed adorably.  They retail for $34.99 plus shipping and handling. While the 15-inch, all-vinyl dolls with rooted, comb-able hair are designed for girls ages 3 to 7, Terri Lee enthusiasts will find them appealing, too.

Based on positive sales, additional garments and dolls are future possibilities. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a play line Benjie.)

As indicated, the dolls are only available through the company’s retail website and ordering commences after the website is fully launched. (

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