New S.I.S. Friends

New S.I.S. Friends

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I found Janessa alone at Walmart yesterday.  Julian and Zahara were nowhere to be found.  In fact, with the exception of Janessa, the two display racks for the new S.I.S. Friends were bare.  After examining Janessa and explaining to my husband that the others had probably already found homes (to him I said, were sold out), I decided I couldn't leave Janessa there.  She needed a home, too.

The back of Janessa's box (as shown in the above scanned image) illustrates the active friends.  Julian wears a basketball uniform with his name and the familiar #23 on his jersey.  He snugly holds his basketball. Janessa (up front and center) is ready for fun at the beach or in her backyard swimming pool.  Zahara chooses to burn some carbs by jumping rope.

View live pictures of Julian here and Zahara and Janessa here.

Two words:  Too cute!


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