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More Classic Cool

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Classic Cool's new hairline

Still toying with Classic Cool Ken, I have again updated his look to add a hairline, stud earrings, a new shirt and shoes.

The hairline was inspired by a google search for "men with cornrows" where I saw this photo of English soccer player Glen Johnson and decided, yes, I think I can do that to add more realism.  So I did.

Hairline Photos

I used brown Pentel oil pastel to shade in the hairline.  To lend the appearance of actual strands of hair, I used a brown colored pencil to drawn fine, short strokes into the shaded area.  (The same colored pencil was used to deepen the failed dye color of 35th Anniversary Barbie's torso.)

During the time the hairline was added, I asked my husband which of Classic Cool's earlobes should have an ear stud.  He answered, "Both.  Men wear earrings in both ears now."  Fresh out of nail art bling, I made a mental note to purchase another package from the beauty supply store the next time I visited.

Last week I went there for hair color (no, I have not fully embraced my gray and too much hairline gray was visible).  I knew there was something else I needed to buy but couldn't think of it.  While taking the above photos of Classic Cool's new hairline, I remembered the nail art needed for his ears.  The next day I returned to purchase it.

Ear Stud Placement

I placed a dab of Aleene's Tacky Glue on one earlobe, moistened the tip of my index finger, picked up the top side the tiny rhinestone and placed it on the glue.  This process was repeated for the other earlobe.

New Shirt and Shoes

Classic Cool Ken exchanged his white shirt and mock necktie for Denim Ken #17's black long-sleeve T-shirt.  His silver sneakers were replaced with the low-top black and white "Chucks" from Denim Ken's accessory pack.  Attire-wise, this is not the exact style I want for him, but it's an improvement from the original.

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