MIA Moxie Girlz Sasha

MIA Moxie Girlz Sasha

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The Moxie Girlz by MGA Entertainment, the manufacturers of the infamous Bratz dolls, does not include Sasha, the dark-skinned Moxie Girlz, as a basic doll, while a blonde and brunette are offered as basics at Target stores. Sasha is also excluded from the Best Friends Dollpack (a set of two dolls), and to add further insult to injury, salt to my gaping wound, the Moxie Girlz commercials (I've seen two versions) also exclude Sasha as well as a real-live Sasha counterpart. It's interesting to note that the commercial begins with a girl saying, "It's okay to be kinda different..."

Commercial 1

Commercial 2

When little African American girl doll lovers view these commericials, they are presented with at least two options: 1) To desire one of the other dolls in the line because, based on the commercial, Sasha does not exist; and 2) left wondering why a Moxie Girlz that represents them, a) does not exist, and/or b) is not included in the commerical. Is it not okay for them to be different?

The fact is that two Sasha Moxie Girlz dolls exist--Moxie Girlz Jammaz Sasha and Moxie Girlz Art-titude Sasha. There is also a Magic Hair Torso Sasha, but the dark-skinned doll is missing in action from some Moxie Girlz offerings including the commercials I have viewed.

Why not be inclusive MGA Entertainment and offer all versions of the dolls in every product and include Sasha in all advertisements?


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