LIV's Alexis with Dark Hair

LIV's Alexis with Dark Hair

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On a recent trip to Toys R Us to return some items, I purchased "It's My Nature Alexis."  Instead of providing a credit to my CC or giving me a cash refund for the returned online-purchased items, I received a TRU gift card.  What nerve of TRU to think I would want something from their store.  :-)

I "forced" myself to browse the doll section where the shelves still looked pretty bare from the recent attack of Christmas shoppers.  There I found the lone Alexis marked down from $19.99 to $9.99.  "Her funky outfit is worth $9.99," I thought.  Plus, she seemed to beg me to bring her home.

In comparing this dark brunnette version with my first Alexis, I've determined she looks much better with darker hair (even if her eyes still look a little crossed). Maybe she needs corrective lenses... hmmmm...

She'll be deboxed soon and paired up with Alexis #1.


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