I Want a Black One!

I Want a Black One!

Black Doll Enthusiast

Madame Alexander’s 2005 Stiletto’s dolls included Kikki and Sami. A blonde doll, Nikki, was also part of this 9-inch, all-vinyl, play doll line.

In late-2006/early-2007, I purchased Kikki and Sami for $5 each specifically to deepen their complexions.  Using a mixture of tan and cocoa brown Rit dye and boiled water, I accomplished this task to my satisfaction.  It took only 5 minutes or so for the dolls' complexion to deepen in the dye bath immersion.  Surprisingly, Kikki's hair color did not change.  Sami's original, near-black hair is now brunette.  The whites of their eyes darkened.  I repainted that area with white acrylic paint and reblushed heir cheeks.  Nothing else was required to achieve their new warm brown complexion.

Kikki and Sami after their dye baths


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