Hip Hoodie Ken Photo Review

Hip Hoodie Ken Photo Review

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Hip Hoodie Ken

Two Hip Hoodie Kens arrived last week.  At first glance I was and still remain quite impressed with this new head sculpt.  He is very realistic looking, and although the hair is molded, the style is one that young males wear today.  (According to my husband,  all they needed to do was "color the top blonde or red" and his hair would be similar to the way many middle and high school boys are now coloring their hair.  Frankly, I'm glad Mattel remained conservative with regard to the hair color.)

As I wrote in my previous post about my plans for these two, one will remain in the box; the other, which has already been deboxed, as shown left would be rebodied.

This close-up of his handsome face illustrates Hip Hoodie's "curl pattern," which is seen in the next photo of the back of his hair.

While it's somewhat blurry, in this photo, you can see the damage Mattel is doing to these dolls by attaching the head to the box with plastic fasteners!  Ugh!  Why Mattel, why?
I used an articulated body that Bath-Play-Fun (BPF) Ken had been using (sorry BPF Ken, but Hip Hoodie needed the body more).  The new body is like the one Ekia sells here, which is not a perfect complexion match but it will have to do for now.

Head and neck of new body complexion comparison

As illustrated in the above photo, Hip Hoodie's head has more red undertones to the coloring while the new articulated body is a faded medium brown.   Hip Hoodie's curl definition is better seen here.

Full view, rebodied

The articulated body has two neck knobs.  The round knob works better for Hip Hoodie's head opening; however, the hack I used to provide a study fit for Bath-Play-Fun Ken will need adjusting by wrapping additional self-adhering bandage around the peg of the knob.  The existing hack is shown below:

More self-adhering tape wrapped around the peg of the knob will prevent Hip Hoodie's head from wobbling, yet still provide desired movement.
With his new body, Hip Hoodie showed off a bit by striking the following few poses, expecting me to photograph him (which, of course, I did).

This new body has given him a boost of confidence.  Watch out ladies in the doll room!

He and I both enjoy his new body.  In the final two photos, I caught him mocking or perhaps pitying the old body.

In trying to put a finger on who Hip Hoodie reminds me of, the actor, Keith Robinson, comes to mind.  I first became aware of him in his role as Effie's (Jennifer Hudson's) brother, C. C. White, in the movie, Dreamgirls.  I saw him again in This Christmas as Devean Brooks, the boyfriend of Lauren London's character, Melanie "Mel" Whitfield.  When Robinson gives "serious" face, as he does in this photo, I think Hip Hoodie does resemble him somewhat.

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