Goodbye Sasha, Hello Bria

Goodbye Sasha, Hello Bria

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On December 26, 2009, "Sarah" commented on the blog MIA Moxie Girlz Sasha.  Sarah informed that MGA Entertainment has discontinued Sasha from its Moxie Girlz (MG) line.  This explains the various inconsistencies that I noticed about Sasha when compared to the other MG dolls. 

First of all, Sasha is MIA on the Moxie Girlz home page.  (This was one of the first things that made me go, hmmm.)   During an in-store visit to Target earlier this year to see the dolls up close and personal, I noticed that Sasha was not included as a basic doll (hmmm #2).  In September, Toys R Us discounted all dolls except Sasha (hmmm #3). Even though I had no desire to purchase any of these dolls during the sale, I ranted and raved about hmmm #3 via several phone conversations to TRU, to no avail.  Sasha's price was never reduced online.  I made a special trip to TRU and discovered the dolls scanned at the advertised sale price (hmmm #4).

After reading Sarah's comment, I googled the phrase, "Moxie Girlz discontinued Sasha," and received hits from reliable web sites that confirmed, "Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes," and "This item is being discontinued."

With verification of Sasha's discontinuation, the collector in me, hurriedly ordered the Art-titude version (pictured above), as she was the only one located at the time via merchant website that had not sold out and whose independent-seller price had not tripled or quadrupled.  I did note this morning that has MG Jammaz Doll Pack Sasha in stock. I added her to my cart, but have not completed the order. Do I really need two? (hmmm #5).

Before discovering the discontinuation of these dolls, I had no intention of adding any version of MG Sasha to my eclectic black-doll collection.  While their faces with noses and attitudes are sweeter than those of Bratz dolls, their alien-like eyes bother me, and still do.  But the collector desires at least one discontinued Sasha.  So I guess I'll remove MG Jammaz Doll Pack Sasha from my cart.  The more popular, Art-Titude Sasha will serve as my "at least one."

Sarah's comment names Bria as Sasha's replacement.  Moxie Girlz Hair Magic Makeover Torso Bria is currently available. I suppose MG Bria with legs and feet that unscrew pop off will follow.

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