Future Redressing Fun for One, Maybe More

Future Redressing Fun for One, Maybe More

Black Doll Enthusiast

New dolly fashions from Shasha

Three beautifully presented envelopes arrived from the Philippines this week from Shasha of atelierniSHASHA.  Unfortunately for me, I have absolutely no time for doll play until after October 15th or shortly thereafter.  Color Infusion Janay's tribal chevron dress, which is Shasha's 2014 dress of the year, should be here by the time I am able to  go into full play mode. 

The Reveal

Because I think tunics and leggings are nice wardrobe staples (for playscale females, certainly not for me), I ordered several.  I also purchased Shasha's 2013 dress of the year.  I had it made in beach colors.  I did order a tunic made from the black and white striped material used for last year's slip dress.

I am looking forward to mixing and matching these pieces; and perhaps, if Janay does not mind sharing, some of the others will have an opportunity to wear a piece or two.


Shortly after photographing the clothing, I noticed Halle's hand gesture (shown above) and wondered if this was her attempt to get my attention to let me know she's long overdue for a redress.  I know I didn't position her hands like this.  Maybe the others put her up to it.  See a full view of Halle and some of her co-conspirators below. 

They all look a little guilty to me, as though they were secretly scheming something with Halle, whose hand gesture blew their cover.  Bob probably knows what's been going on.  Look at him, sitting in the corner, trying to look innocent.  


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