Body-Swapped and Gorgeous OOAK Michelle Obama

Body-Swapped and Gorgeous OOAK Michelle Obama

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Tonner's Tia Dalma and Franklin Mint's, now-articulated Michelle Obama

Below is a an email I recently received from blog follower SON OF ELLIS (Bobby):

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Thanks to you, I found the Michelle Obama doll that I really like. I have traded her body for a more mobile one and now she poses like a dream.

I look forward to reading your blog for new ideas.

I was so impressed with Bobby's transformation of Franklin Mint's Michelle Obama that I asked a series of questions.  Bobby kindly answered these and permitted me to share his answers here along with his images. 

Which body did you use for the transformation?
[I used] Robert Tonner's Check This Out! Esmé body.

Was it difficult to remove the head from the Franklin Mint body?
It was fairly easy to remove the head, but placing it on the new body required the hole inside the head to be enlarged.

Who is the other doll in the image?
The other doll in the image is Tia Dalma , Robert Tonner's version of the character from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Whose dress is FLMO wearing?
The dress that MO is wearing is a Mel Odom, Gene outfit, I believe. It was given to me by a fellow doll collector.
Did you change Michelle's hair?
I did smooth her hair out a little with some styling product. I found that the texture of her hair is totally different from my Tonner dolls.

Bobby added:
I kept looking at the neck of the doll after I switched her body. It looked really long, so I ended up switching her to an Antoinette Spice body. Now she looks more natural to me.  Here is her final look.

OOAK Michelle Obama by Franklin Mint on Antoinette Spice body wearing a SON OF ELLIS-designed fashion

Thanks again Bobby for sharing this fabulous transformation with me and for allowing me to share it with the readers of this blog.  I am certain they agree with me that you did a fabulous job, and she's working that outfit you designed, too! 

SON OF ELLIS is a popular Tennessee-based contemporary digital artist who has garnered much recognition for his passion for art. Self taught, his work deals in realism and is full of feeling, inspiration, and depth.SON OF ELLIS' art is reflective of today's pop culture. He is most known for his vibrant portraits and use of color. His preferred mediums are a combination of pencil and ink, which he then digitizes to color.
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